TYCSA provides a complete range of high performance fishing wire ropes that allows you to properly check the best wire rope for your installation. TYCSA has always worked closely to our customers to offer best wire rope solution to be used by trawlers, purse seiners and beamers.


An important step in this direction was taken in 1999 with the presentation to the market of the compacted wire ropes, Dragon Plata and Atunari, for trawlers and purse-seiners respectively. These are compacted ropes of high quality which bring an important improvement in the working life of the wire rope due to the increase in wear surface, increase in breaking load and uniformity in the layer of zinc.


Being in constant contact with our clients and listening to their problems we can offer you our plastic coated wire ropes:

  • Designed to increase performance in purse seining applications are Atunari PFI and Atunariplast. Atunari PFI is our completely plastic coated wire rope and Atunariplast has a plastic impregnated core. Not to increase elongation but working life!

  • Designed to by used in trawler applications is Dragonplast. With it’s compacted strands and plastic impregnated core provides a very high breaking load and addresses the corrosion of the core and the elongation of the wire rope.

Another improvement worthy of note is the grease. These new cable leave the factory with the new super adhesive grease N24 which sticks tightly to the wire rope and doesn’t stick to the hands!

These qualities affirm that TYCSA has developed a wire rope which opens a new paradigm in the world of fishing wire ropes.

Trawlers and Purse Seiners can be now count on a superior wire rope which has a longer working life and improved working characteristics. Through this development, we at TYCSA reaffirm our commitment to work hand in hand with the fishing community to offer the best and most competitive wire rope solutions.

TYCSA has developed the most’ s largest distribution system with more than 100 distributors and agents covering every individual fishing area, from Alaska to Australia’s Gold Coast and from Newfoundland to Namibia.

Do not hesitate in contact Sales Department for any question, furthermore the Product Engineering Department is at your disposal for any technical question you may have.